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Valves and related fittings are required in practically all areas of life and must often meet high requirements. A current overview of the latest status in valve and fittings technology is to be provided by this website.

If valves and other fittings are already playing a key role in private life, then this is also the case on a much greater scale in the increasingly complex industrial and working world. Pipelines and hose pipes are necessary everywhere, in crude oil and natural gas production, practically all areas of industry, in medicine and water treatment as well as generally in engines, machinery and plant engineering as well as the conveyance of gas, fluids and free-flowing solids. Numerous valves and flaps are necessary in order to convey these substances mentioned in the desired way to the applications required, while others fulfil safety-relevant tasks, for example relief and safety valves. Valves, especially magnet versions, are used in industry in a diverse range of applications, for example in the operation of cylinders, grabbers, ejectors, shut-off and check valves. Other valves are used in aeration and de-aeration tasks or for the dosage and filling of media with varying degrees of fluidness.

The pipes and pipe fittings industry is a rapidly growing industry. Pipes are essential for connectivity, be it for water supply inlets to provide for clean and waste water distribution systems, agricultural watering system, liquid discharge installations, water sprinkling and dropping systems, sanitation and sewerage disposal etc.

Pipes, pipe fittings are equally important because no pipes can be installed without the use of fittings. Pipe fittings are essential to connect pipes together. There are various types of pipe fittings like adapters, couplings, elbows, tees, flanges, valves, reducers, sleeves etc. which are used to connect pipes, tubes, flared, pneumatic and other fittings for various configurations.

Valves, Pipe and pipe fittings are manufactured from a wide variety of materials including stainless steel, brass, copper, carbon steel, cast iron, bronze etc. With the change in time and and advancement and improvement in technology, high performance polymers, rubber and plastics are also being increasingly used with the conventional materials.

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